Sunday, 30 December 2012

Small Hair Haul

Yesterday I went to one of my local beauty supply stores and bought two deep conditioners that I've been wanting to try for a while now:

Organic Root Stimulator HAIRepair Nourishing Conditioner

Since the release of the ORS HAIRepair line I've been eager to try all of its products. I used the Vital Oils and the Moisture Creme and I liked them both, so I was glad to find samples of the Nourishing Conditioner. 

I first saw this product reviewed by my favourite youtube guru, ulovemegz:

There are many more reviews by other women with relaxed hair. Some women thought it was mild/heavy protein treatment while for others it was more of a moisture treatment. What's interesting is that they all agree that this product made their hair soft but strong, and some said that it might not be ideal for weekly use. If my hair responds the same way, this conditioner might be good for my first wash day after getting a relaxer to really strengthen my hair after being striped of protein bonds and moisture. 


Creme of Nature Professional with Argan Oil  Intensive Conditioning Treatment

I'm sincerely hoping that this product is the same as the ones pictured below. The only difference I see from the packaging is that my bottle is all red, says "Professional" and the bottle holds 20 oz. I'm assuming that the formula is the same but the packaging is a little different because the size is bigger than the standard packaging.

I'm excited to try both products and post a review in the new year. (That's 2 days away!! haha)
This has been my last hair haul for 2012! I wonder how many more products I'll try next year...hopefully I won't become a product junkie x.x

What were some of your favourite hair buys this year?



  1. I've used the ORS Replenishing conditioner for over 2 years now I'd I agree with what everyone seems to say about it. I want to try the HAIRepair one so I'd be interested to know what you think of it

    1. I use the Replenishing Conditioner a lot too. I'm hoping that the HAIRepair will be a heavier strengthening treatment for my hair.

  2. Some of my favorite hair buys were my seamless combs! I really see a difference now that I use them. Also Hick's Edges to smooth my edges down. Much better than the ORS edge control that I used to use. On and not to forget my BaByliss blowdryer with a cool setting. Love it!