Thursday, 20 December 2012

Preparations for trimming my hair...myself!

Today I had my hair relaxed at the salon at 6 and a half weeks post.

Yes I know what you must be thinking...what the heck's wrong with me?!

I only relaxed before 8 weeks post because I'm travelling home this week and next week is Christmas. I doubted whether I would be able to find a working hairdresser after this week. Anyway, after my relaxer I declined the offer of a trim as I am determined to trim my hair myself...properly this time! lol

On my hair journey I've already had one set back in length due to a "trim" by my previous hairdresser, and I switched in good faith to my sister's salon in refuge. Unfortunately, scissor-happiness seems to run in hair salons.

So I decided that I would trim my hair myself. I've tried to do this over the past few months but I really wasn't sure how to get all the uneven ends throughout my hair. Sectioning my hair in two ponytails and trimming the ends wasn't enough to cut off the ends of the shorter layers of my hair.

To help solve this problem I did done some research and found a couple of interesting videos that should help me to do a better self trim.

1. Search and Destroy Method. This involves twisting the hair to reveal shorter layers that "poke out" from the rest of the section of twisted hair. This will allow me to cut off the ends of shorter hairs throughout my head.

2. Feye's Method for a U shape cut. I actually learned about this method through Jeni's blog, as she uses it herself. Here is her original post and a video of how she trims her hair.

I won't be cutting off as much as the woman does in the video (hopefully) but I thought that this method should be great for shaping up my ends.

Honestly, I'm anxious about self-trimming because I don't want to accidentally cut off too much hair...At the same time I don't want to cut too little and remain with split ends again =(

Do you have any more advice on how to trim my own hair?

Happy Christmas (season)!


  1. I use Feye's self trim method and it works really well so don't be scared of trimming your own hair! Just make small cuts - you can always go back and do it again if you feel like you haven't cut enough :)

    1. Thanks Lesley! I'm going to give it a try and then post an update on my self-trim :)

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