Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Airdrying: T-shirt method changed my whole experience!

Shout out to Fancy Flair Lady for sharing her experience with the T-shirt method!

Today I washed and deep conditioned my hair, and instead of my usual rollerset I decided to air dry.

Now, before I tried the T-shirt method I did not like airdrying. My hair would become puffy, slightly rough and very dry.

However, about two weeks ago Ms Fancy Flair Lady posted her wash day in which she simply used a T-shirt to absorb excess water from her hair after washing it. I remember watching a video by Sunshine of with the same method, but because she did not show how her hair looked after drying, I wasn't motivated to try the method at the time. However, seeing a recent post spurred me to try it out for myself.

Today was actually the second time I tried it, and I used the same old, 100% cotton T-shirt and wrapped it around my hair, leaving it to soak up the moisture for about half an hour.

My results?

My hair was soooo soft and fluffy! I honestly thought the ladies who praised the T-shirt method over-exaggerated, but trust me they did not! My hair cuticles were flat and smooth, and my hair was incredibly soft, even before adding my moisturizer. Anndd my hair mooooovesss! *swishes hair back and forth* Before, my airdryed hair was always stiff and dry and did not have the movement and fluffiness I'm experiencing.

I think the major difference between using a towel and a T-shirt is that the smooth cotton texture of my shirt did not ruffle or raise my cuticles like the rough, abrasive texture of most towels. The T-shirt allowed my cuticles to stay closed and lock in my hair's moisture.

My hair after moisturizing and de-tangling. 

This method is definitely a good alternative for weekly rollersetting for me as it gets my hair smooth without using any heat at all. I think my results are almost as good as rollersetting! My hair also dries faster and I'm not restricted to sitting under a dryer for an hour waiting for my hair to dry.

T-shirt method, you are here to stay!

Have you tried the T-shirt method?

Ta ta!


  1. Your airdried hair look super soft!! Go girl! I'm washing my hair today..... might do this

  2. I love t-shirt drying ! I use this method for over a year now and i recommend it to everyone.