Saturday, 30 June 2012

Hair Wish List

1. Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth Split End Protector 
This product was formerly the HE Long Term Relationship Leave In Split End Protector (the red bottle) and it got an upgraded look. Many ladies on their hair journeys have praised the Spilt End Protector for reducing breakage, so this is definitely on my list! Watch my favourite youtuber ulovemegz's review here.

2. Seamless combs (Diane rake comb)

Seamless combs are made from one single piece of material, whether bone, wood or other. Consequently they don't have the annoying seams (or ridges) between the teeth that can snag hair and cause it to break. Above is a seamless comb I've had my eye on for a while!

3. Ouchless elastics 

These elastics have no metal seams that can get caught in the hair and cause breakage.

4. Cute satin/silk head scarves
This will be perfect for tying my hair down at night, as well as to wear as a style during my stretches...or just lazy days! lol

5. ApHogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer
According to : "Apply to wet or dry hair without rinsing. This one step formula combines the strengthening properties of keratin protein with the antioxidant benefits of green tea.  It helps reduce breakage and split ends and adds body to limp, lifeless hair.  Active ingredients bond into the hair shaft with natural body heat or heat from styling tools. ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer is especially recommended for at home care of relaxed or permed hair and may be used between shampoos during touch up styling.  It also protects hair color. 8 oz."

I think that speaks for itself! Jen of and Ebony of both use this.

6. GVP ceramic flat iron

I've never had a flat iron but when I get the chance to purchase one this will be it! Generic Value Products (GVP) produce low-end versions of high-end goods. This is lauded to be a pretty good substitute for more expensive flat irons like the Farouk CHI.

'Tis all for now!

Happy Hair

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Relaxer stretch: 8 weeks post!

Good Thursday morning! =) Who's enjoying this lovely day like I am?

This week marks my eighth week post relaxer. So far my new growth is continuing to behave nicely! =)
I'm still wondering if I'm experienced decreased growth rate because at this point on my previous stretches I would be pulling my hair out! loool

Some styles that have gotten me through the stretch include buns, bantu knot-outs (still need practice), braids and braid-outs. Low manipulation is key to managing my hair at this point...and staying sane.

On Tuesday I washed (and rollerset!) my hair. I'm pleased to report that the breakage I experienced last week seems to have stopped. (Good ole' ORS Replenishing Conditioner! =D) My shedding also seems to have reduced over the past couple weeks. I find it a bit ironic since many ladies experience more shedding the deeper they are in a relaxer stretch. Here are some pictures of the hair I would lose on wash days:
Wash day: shed and broken hair at 4 weeks post.

Wash day: 7 weeks post

Wash day: 8 weeks post

Its possible that I'm at the end of a heavy shedding cycle. In the first photo, the ball of hair is much denser than the hair I've lost at 7 and 8 weeks post. Its such a relief not to see the heavy, dreaded hair ball every week!

I've been trying my best to keep my hair moisturized, especially my ends. Last night I made a high, giant pincurl and tied my hair down with a satin scarf. Just to make sure the moisture was locked in, I covered that with a satin bonnet. This morning I unwrapped and my hair was nice and moist!
That's all for now folks!

Happy hurrr-day!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

ORS HAIRepair Vital Oils: My Review

LOVEE love love love! Those are the best words I can use to describe my feelings towards this product.

The Vital Oils is a blend of oils including: grape seed, soybean, sweet almond and corn oils. Other ingredients include horsetail extract (weird, I know!), awapuhi, nettle and rosemary extracts. The product is geared towards dry hair and scalp, which is exactly what I need!

One of the best features of this oil is that it's verrry light. I can apply this twice a day without my hair feeling weighed down. It's probably because the oil is so light that I have to use more than I would with a heavier product! I've had it for about a month and the bottle is half empty. lool. I use it for hot oil treatments (my hair feels so soft afterwards!) as well as to oil my scalp and seal my hair.

The major benefit of this oil is that when I use it consistently twice or more a week, I experience less dry scalp and flaking. This is a big relief for me because my seborrhoeic dermatitis  leaves my scalp itchy, dry and with ugly dandruff.

How can I forget? All of the HAIRepair products, in my opinion, have a very appealing, sweet smell that I can't get enough of.

Once again, Organic Root Stimulator has produced what I call a bombshell product. Love it!

Bought any of the HAIRepair products? What do you think about them?

Love live ORS!

Wash Day @ 7 weeks post

Last Tuesday marked exactly seven weeks since my last relaxer. So far so good! =)

Honestly, on this stretch I don't think I have as much new growth as the last time when I was seven weeks post. However, new growth seems to just "hit me" all of a sudden. lool. It's almost as if I go to bed with perfectly manageable growth and the next morning I can't comb through it! As of this week I haven't had that problem so I'm definitely aiming to make at least eight weeks before I relax.

On Thursday I did a rollerset. My second attempt all by myself! =) This is actually my third attempt, but the second time my mother helped me to set the back of my hair.

This is the texture of my new growth at 7 weeks post. My fingers mark the demarcation line.

Full rollerset!
In all honesty, I surprised myself with my results! I set my whole head in about 55 minutes. (Record!)
As can be seen in the pictures, in the front I put the rollers in vertically. I found this easier than putting rollers in horizontally or using the Mohawk method. 

Unfortunately, I used too many rollers in the front, leaving me with only five to set the back sections! LOL

The amount of new growth is uneven across my head because I had patches of telaxed roots from my last relaxer. =( That means this time I relax I have to make sure I don't under-process the areas with the most thickness and texture. 
I'm excited to master rollersetting! =D

How's your hair doing this summer?

Happy hair day!

Saturday, 16 June 2012


The summer hols are here! They make me want to re-read the Famous Five series! :P haha!
Today I went to the beach with my mom and sister.

I tried to protect my hair from the salt water using a swim cap but unfortunately....didn't work! -.-
Actually, only my nape got wet. When I got home I quickly rinsed with cold water, used my Vo5 and did a final rinse. I guess you could say I co-washed! I'm now airdrying with a little bit of ORS HAIRepair moisture creme.
My hair is drying a bit frizzy and dull because it hardly has any product in it. Doesn't bother me much! It's the weekend and I'm going to relaaaaaax.
Take a break, hair! You've worked hair during the semester. While you're at it, take a view of the beauty outside!

How are you enjoying your summer?


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hair Journey Spotlight: ulovemegz!

Good Sunday morning! Today I thought I would create a new post on one of my favourite hair/beauty bloggers: Megz!

Megz (Megan) goes by ulovemegz on youtube, where she posts tons of videos about her hair regimen, makeup ideas and fashion excursions.

She was undoubtedly one of the very first black women I ever saw with real, long, gorgeous hair who inspired me to start my hair journey in December last year.
Yup, its allllll her's, folks!

Watching her youtube videos was addictive! I learned a lot of tips from her about moisturing and sealing, protective styles and deep conditioning. She's also such a genuinely real, amiable person! Unlike a lot of black women out there, Megz doesn't think anything should stop us from achieving the lengths and full health that we desire from our hair. I remember one video in which Megz addressed comments that she has long hair because she's "mixed". Ladies, when you explore her vigorous regimen, its obvious genes don't have much to do with it!

I also admire how she does everything herself. From self-relaxing to washing, styling and trimming. She has inspired me to take much more control over my hair and believe that I don't need to have a hairdresser to achieve gorgeous hair!

Even though Megz's hair isn't the thickest of the bunch, she appreciates it for what it is and doesn't try to work against it. Whether you're hair is thick, thin, coarse or it!
In the words of Megz: "It's okay, cause it's my hair." :)

Megan definitely deserves this Hair Journey Spotlight for my favourite hair blogger!

Check out Megz on youtube and on her blog.

Who has inspired your hair journey?

Happy hair!