My Progress

~My Chameleon Hair~

Around January 2012, after a trim by my hairdresser. Shoulder length

March 2012 after a relaxer. My hair looks a bit thin right after relaxing. Collarbone length

June 2012 after a relaxer done at home by my mom. My hair looks thicker than my hair from my March relaxer. Some inches below collarbone length.

August 2012 after a relaxer at the salon. Approximately two inches from armpit length. 

November 2012 relaxer. Here I'm centimetres away from armpit length! My ends needed a better trim than the one I attempted, though.

December 2012 relaxer. Due to my self-trim, I was just grazing armpit length.

In February 2013, after my last relaxer, I decided to transition to natural hair. In August, at 6 months post relaxer, I cut off most of my relaxed ends but left about 2-3 inches. Bantu-knot-outs were my favourite style while I transitioned.


  1. lovely!and my hair look thin tooo I normally wash a week later and my hair wud get bk to its true fullness

  2. What did you accomplish to get the length of your hair?? I am a natural, when will you want to go natural as well??