Friday, 17 August 2012

Hair journey progress! : The Evolution of my Wash Day

The purpose of a hair journey is to make significant progress towards one's hair goals: whether health, length or both. I can happily say that I have experienced noticeable, positive changes in my hair since the beginning of my hair journey. One of these areas is how I wash and condition my hair and my subsequent results.

At the start of my journey in December 2011 I could not successfully wash, condition and dry my hair. (Sounds incredible, I know!) Wash days were literally an experiment- I tried various methods and tweaked my variables in the hope that I would find what worked for my hair!

Some characteristics of my previous wash process:

  1. I washed all of my hair at once (i.e. I had never heard of washing in sections)
  2. Following from number 1, my scalp was never properly cleansed in my crown area (eww)
  3. Washing all my hair at once led to tangles, tangles and more tangles! (Much more than now!)
  4. Airdrying was not good for my hair back then. When I say "not good" I mean that my hair wasn't healthy enough to withstand airdrying in a loose state. Looking back, I think I had issues with porosity and raised cuticles as my hair would dry like a lion's mane, and twice it took over 12 hours for my hair to fully dry.
  5. My rollersets were fit to be laughed at...Seriously. In the beginning I would fumble and place two or three rollers before giving up, exasperated. 
Some characteristics of my present wash process:
  1. I now wash my hair in four sections, focusing on shampooing each one seperately before moving on to the next section.
  2. Washing in sections ensures that my entire scalp is cleansed.
  3. Using sections also leads to less tangles as the hair is parted, allowing my fingers to access my scalp easier and disturb my hair less.
  4. I can now airdry without my hair crying and begging for mercy (yay!). Now my cuticles lay smooth and my hair dries flatter in about 2-3 hours. I definitely attribute this to the general improvement in my hair's health, the new techniques I've adopted and using products more suited to my hair.
  5. I can rollerset! (woop woop!) It took three or four desperate efforts before I could rollerset my entire head. For the past five or so weeks I've been consistently airdrying because I'm lazy it's easier and quicker. However, today is wash day and I'm eager to set my hair.
I feel encouraged when I can look back and notice improvements in my hair's health. "Health before length" is what many black ladies prophesy and I'm definitely eager to see my growth and length retention increase as my hair's health also increases.

What progress have you made in your hair journey? Write it down and track how it further improves in the near future as you continue to take stellar care of your hair. =)

Ta ta!