Thursday, 6 September 2012

Softest, bouncy-est rollerset ever!

Last Sunday I washed my hair, and let me tell you, I had a blast!

On Wednesday 29th August I had my hair relaxed at a salon (stay tuned for my relaxer update!) at 8 weeks, 5 days post.
The major thing that struck me about my experience at the salon is that the lady didn't deep condition my hair after relaxing it. (Say WHAT?!)

It was only when she was rollersetting my hair that I realized this and asked her about it. She replied that I had to request a deep condition or she wouldn't do one. -.-
This explains why I was forced to make last Sunday a wash day, only four days after my relaxer.

I started by pre-pooing with the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque, which I reviewed here as a deep conditioner. Although I didn't like it for deep conditioning because it gives no slip, in my opinion it's good as a pre shampoo treatment.

Anyway! On to the good stuff.

This week my rollerset was the best I've ever done! In the past I've hardly ever gotten the soft, bouncy, moisturized and shiny results as I did on Sunday, so I'm recording what I did for future reference:

  • After pre-pooing, shampooing and deep conditioning I applied a generous dollop (about quarter sized or a bit larger) of my Neutrogena Silk Touch Leave-In Cream to each of the four sections that I washed and conditioned my hair in.
  • I then applied about half a pump of my Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum to each section of my hair. 
  • I proceeded to detangle my hair and finally-
  • Rollerset, using a small spray bottle filled with water to moisten my hair as I rollerset each section.
  • After setting I used a blow-dryer on my hair for about an hour (taking a break in between! lol) to speed up my drying time
Et voila!

My hair was the bombbbbbb. Oh! Such soft and bouncy haaaaiiiirrrrr *swishes hair dramatically*
Plus!! Can you see from the picture above of how little hair I lost after detangling?! Ermergerddddd that's incredible! (I have a sneaking suspicion its only because I lost quite a bit of hair during my relaxer process with a new hair dresser...but maybe I'm just paranoid! =P)

I will definitely repeat the steps above on my next wash day! :) My results almost compensated for my nightmarish wash day experience the week before at 8 weeks post.

'Tis all for now!



  1. Your rollerset came out great! Wash days with amazing results cant be beat. I do like the coconut milk anti-breakage serum, I should use it more often :)

  2. Your hair looks beautiful! And I hate when stylists only deep condition upon request...its like they could care less if their clients' hair is healthy or not. Ugh!

    1. I know right! So frustrating. Thanks so much for taking the time to view my blog. I love yours! :)

  3. Hey! I'min Trinidad as well. Did u happen to come across any coconut oil here? If so where? I'd love to get one.

    1. Hello! So far I haven't bought coconut oil in Trinidad, but I did see large jars of 100% coconut oil in the pharmacy section of Tru Valu supermarket in Trincity Mall. Hope that helps :)