Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Drum-roll please!

I am proud to announce that, as of August 2012, I became a university student! Woot woot!

I now studying for a B. Sc. Psychology, at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad, my home country. (Shout out to all my fellow West Indians! *waves Trini flag proudly*)



I am so excited for the future!! Hall life is already fun and certainly a new experience. All these crazy people would certainly make an interesting a psychology study! lol

The fire and spirit of the Caribbean is certainly all around me. I really hope that meeting new people (while a terrifying experience) will help me to open up my shy personality.

Living on hall (aka dorm) made me think that I'd have to adapt my hair regimen significantly, but so far things have mostly stayed the same. I pre-poo overnight and shampoo, deep condition and rollerset on the days when I have no class.
At exam time I'll see how much my regimen will have to change. I hope I'll still have time for all my beauty rituals. :)

Being at university has also made me think about my personal development and maturity (those should have been the first points I discussed instead of my hair...right?) I know that I'm among the youngest students to be starting university and this fact is shaping up to be both an advantage and disadvantage.

Postively: I'm getting a head start with my future by aiming to obtain my degree within the next three years since I've graduated sixth form college.
(Note: sixth form college in the Caribbean is something like 12th grade in the US, except college has a two year duration and we sit different exams to the SAT. Also, most degrees at the UWI are three instead of the US four years. :) Its like making up for that extra year at sixth form!)

Negatively: I'm not quite sure that I have the same level of intellectual maturity as many of my colleagues. At many of my classes I'm like, "Oh gooshh why isn't my vocabulary like that?" Or "My gawwd can't I read between the lines?!" lol I guess university is the perfect time for me to focus on improving my err, "critical thinking and communication skills".....eek!

Another point- being underage sucks! I've got limits on the types of events I can attend, (not that I party!! Oh nooo *innocent face*) and of course, who wants to associate with the shrimp?? lol

Okay, rant over.

Despite all of that I am incredibly grateful to be here and I just have to push myself to infinity and beyond! to stay on top of my grades and personal relationships. It helps that I have family here in Trinidad to support me! =)

Even if I had no family. I've got Jesus!

Are you in college/university? How has the experience affected you? Any tips?

Oh the life of a


  1. Lol Congrats girl on transitioning into the "college years"! being at a university... It's a journey, mainly of finding yourself and becoming established. I remember my freshman year, I cried when my mom pull out of the parking lot lol *separation anxiety at it's best* but it was fun! Lots of experiences and chances to slowly step into the "real world" I'm glad I went to university my first year and got that experience! That's very interesting how school is there in Trinidad versus the States..... great post. GOOD LUCK!!

    1. Thanks Bee! It's already shaping up to be quite a journey. I can see myself coming out of uni with lots of changes, and I shall make sure they're good ones! "Real world" here I come! :)

  2. Congratulations, I did my degree in boring old England, a far cry from the tropics of Trinidad, I studied Psychology too, in fact I never really stopped. Anyway I'll stop babbling on. Well done.

    1. Thanks Nadine :) Psychology is the most interesting subject I've ever come across and I know I'm going to love it too. :D

  3. Hey! I have nominated you for a versatile blogger award. Keep blogging, I love to learn new things!