Sunday, 30 September 2012

(Super late) Relaxer Update!

I apologize for this super late relaxer update! I originally didn't want to post this picture  but I never got around to taking a better one. and enjoy!

On Wednesday 29th September I had my hair relaxed by my sister's hairdresser here in Trinidad.

From the photo above I can see that I'm coming close to armpit length!! *dances crazily*

However, the lady trimmed my hair...and we all know what a "trim" is like by the hairdresser >.>
I had a feeling she took off too much so the next time I go for a relaxer she is definitely not coming near my hair with scissors!!

Besides the trim, the only other thing that irked me about my touch is up is that the hairdresser got relaxer all over my hair >.< Ughh. I have to ask her next time to be careful about just applying to the new growth. I should definitely coat my relaxed hair with oil/conditioner before I go to the salon too.

This time my hair was relaxed using Precise relaxer in mild formula as the hairdresser didn't carry my beloved Organic Root Stimulator Relaxer.

No complaints there! My scalp didn't burn as much with the Precise and my roots got processed pretty well.

Comparison from my June relaxer (left) and August relaxer (right).

From the comparison photos it doesn't seem that I've gained much length in the last two months *thanks to my "trim"*, but I still hope to reach armpit length by my last touch up for the year in December.

I'm currently 5 weeks post and handling my new growth nicely. I'm devising some strategies to deal with the mini-afro that grows in at the 8 week mark.

Happy hurrr day!


  1. I see progress!! Your ends are so thick as well... Keep up the good work!

  2. great progress! your ends look really good :)