Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Seems like everyone's doing the Big Chop!

Jill Scott

Last night on tumblr I saw this photo of (the beautiful) actress Jill Scott with......a Teenie Weenie Afro!!

That's not all...

...Look! More celebs with natural hair!

Viola Davis

You may recognize this actress, Viola Davis, who's starred in movies such as Doubt, The Help, Date Night and has guest-starred in Law and Order.
The before picture:

Sidenote: Now this lady hasn't always worn the most attractive wigs/weaves, (especially in her movies!) but this is one of the better hairstyles I've seen her worn.
Now we can't forget Solange, Beyonce's sister, who also transitioned to natural hair.

Solange Knowles
I wonder how many more African women in the spotlight are considering the Big Chop?
I was a bit surprised, but not shocked, at seeing Jill Scott's new hair 'do as so many women today are taking the plunge and going natural. 

What did shock me, however, was the sudden realization of how far the natural trend has reached.

Apart from celebrites, many normal, every-day girls and women are doing the Big Chop, or otherwise transitioning to natural.

All over popular hair sites (in fact, all over the internet!) like hairlista, blogspotlonghaircareforum and kiss there is a growing abundance of information about embracing and caring for natural hair. This has obviously inspired many girls and women alike to transition from their relaxed hair to their natural texture.


Can we say that there has been a revolution in the hair world? Certainly a major change is occurring, one which I appreciate and monitor with growing interest. Even in my sixth form college, this year at least three girls of my acquiantance took the plunge and did the Big Chop. With such social pressure to "go natural" I too was tempted to renounce my straigtened hair.

Natural hair, in all its textures, is beautiful. Its the hair God made us with! No one should feel inferior to another because of her curl pattern, or lack of thereof!

On the other hand, relaxed hair is beautiful too! Like natural hair, when it is adequately loved and nourished it thrives and can not only look healthy,but be healthy too.

For the present I can say that I still love and appreciate my straight hair, and I'm determined to reach my health and length goals. However, from the new surge in information and support for naturalistas, I can definitely see myself transitioning to natural hair in the future.

I think its important that if and when any lady decides to transition, she clearly knows her reasons for doing so, not just to follow a trend or "fit it". Without sacrificing the required time and effort natural hair can be the end of some women's natural journey!

Some naturalistas who inspire me:

All women with type 4C hair!

I personally have a natural texture somewhere along the lines of 4C, allowing me to rock a pretty awesome afro when I decide to return to natural hair. :)

Mae (

Laila-Jean (

Janelle Monae :)

What more can I say about this lady?? She's a bad-*ss singer, rocks amazing natural pompadours and her names is Janelle! Like meeeeee

Any thoughts on the Big Chop movement? How has it affected you? I hope this post was interesting/helpful!

'Tis all for the (not so) natural, (but happy!)




  1. It is soo true, I feel like I'm in the minority being relaxed! But I think I will go natural eventually, just not for the next 5 years! lol

  2. I went natural because after perming for almost 30 yrs my hair started rejecting the perm. it was beaking off faster than it was growing. I am now almost 2 yrs natural and have no regrets. I love my hair natural and its so much easier to care for with lots of options. The chemicals aren't good for you and eventually it will start to effect your health. I encourage every one to try it. there's so much better hair products out now that help the transition. go for it ladies.