Thursday, 18 October 2012

University Life...lawwd ah mussy!

Can you believe I'm already in week seven of university?? Time just seems to fly by as I get closer and closer to the end of semester.

Yesterday I had my psychology midterm. It was quite good for 60 multiple choice in 60 minutes (which is more challenging than it seems! lol) I only wish I had studied the topic of learning more thoroughly >.> operant and classical conditioning got me tied up!

Keeping up with the workload in uni is indeed hectic, people. 

I haven't been blogging as often either. I still take time to read my favourite blogs but between studying and the crappy internet on hall its a challenge to update regularly.

Hall life is so different from living with my parents but I'm loving it. Its like a cross among living in a hotel, apartment and summer camp. Being both adolescent and adult at the same time. The adult side comes out more than the other, but I definitely still feel like a teen =] Is this what they call the transitioning period?

I can hear a football match being played in the distance. I love observing how the guys and girls interact in uni. I have to keep my head on and focus on my work but it's harder than I thought it would be! Trini guys are the bombb! =P 

Did I mention I'm playing sports? Oh yes! This Hatter played tennis this morning! (weeeeeeee!) The only thing is that the sessions are intense. I can hardly walk the day after x.x lol. 

Hope you don't mind that bit of randomness =]

Now to my hair: lately it's been showing signs of less than average care- unfortunately one of the showers only runs cold water and I happened to chose that one to wash my hair >.< Now my hair feels sticky and coated with residue from pre-pooing with my ORS Vital Oils and washing with cold water. grrrr
My hair is also shedding more than usual! I realized that around this same time last year I also experienced increased shedding so I'm hoping that this is just seasonal shedding. I'm not going to worry about it.

I'm now seven weeks post relaxer and hoping to try out some tweaks to my regimen this weekend when I wash and condition. I hope to prevent the usual matts, tangles and knots I experience at eight weeks post and successfully stretch to nine weeks this time.

How's your week been? 

Life happens!

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