Sunday, 24 June 2012

Wash Day @ 7 weeks post

Last Tuesday marked exactly seven weeks since my last relaxer. So far so good! =)

Honestly, on this stretch I don't think I have as much new growth as the last time when I was seven weeks post. However, new growth seems to just "hit me" all of a sudden. lool. It's almost as if I go to bed with perfectly manageable growth and the next morning I can't comb through it! As of this week I haven't had that problem so I'm definitely aiming to make at least eight weeks before I relax.

On Thursday I did a rollerset. My second attempt all by myself! =) This is actually my third attempt, but the second time my mother helped me to set the back of my hair.

This is the texture of my new growth at 7 weeks post. My fingers mark the demarcation line.

Full rollerset!
In all honesty, I surprised myself with my results! I set my whole head in about 55 minutes. (Record!)
As can be seen in the pictures, in the front I put the rollers in vertically. I found this easier than putting rollers in horizontally or using the Mohawk method. 

Unfortunately, I used too many rollers in the front, leaving me with only five to set the back sections! LOL

The amount of new growth is uneven across my head because I had patches of telaxed roots from my last relaxer. =( That means this time I relax I have to make sure I don't under-process the areas with the most thickness and texture. 
I'm excited to master rollersetting! =D

How's your hair doing this summer?

Happy hair day!

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