Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hair Journey Spotlight: ulovemegz!

Good Sunday morning! Today I thought I would create a new post on one of my favourite hair/beauty bloggers: Megz!

Megz (Megan) goes by ulovemegz on youtube, where she posts tons of videos about her hair regimen, makeup ideas and fashion excursions.

She was undoubtedly one of the very first black women I ever saw with real, long, gorgeous hair who inspired me to start my hair journey in December last year.
Yup, its allllll her's, folks!

Watching her youtube videos was addictive! I learned a lot of tips from her about moisturing and sealing, protective styles and deep conditioning. She's also such a genuinely real, amiable person! Unlike a lot of black women out there, Megz doesn't think anything should stop us from achieving the lengths and full health that we desire from our hair. I remember one video in which Megz addressed comments that she has long hair because she's "mixed". Ladies, when you explore her vigorous regimen, its obvious genes don't have much to do with it!

I also admire how she does everything herself. From self-relaxing to washing, styling and trimming. She has inspired me to take much more control over my hair and believe that I don't need to have a hairdresser to achieve gorgeous hair!

Even though Megz's hair isn't the thickest of the bunch, she appreciates it for what it is and doesn't try to work against it. Whether you're hair is thick, thin, coarse or it!
In the words of Megz: "It's okay, cause it's my hair." :)

Megan definitely deserves this Hair Journey Spotlight for my favourite hair blogger!

Check out Megz on youtube and on her blog.

Who has inspired your hair journey?

Happy hair!

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  1. I LOVE ulovemegz. She has helped me while I was starting my hair journey. Now my hair is mid-back length. She's the best.