Thursday, 28 June 2012

Relaxer stretch: 8 weeks post!

Good Thursday morning! =) Who's enjoying this lovely day like I am?

This week marks my eighth week post relaxer. So far my new growth is continuing to behave nicely! =)
I'm still wondering if I'm experienced decreased growth rate because at this point on my previous stretches I would be pulling my hair out! loool

Some styles that have gotten me through the stretch include buns, bantu knot-outs (still need practice), braids and braid-outs. Low manipulation is key to managing my hair at this point...and staying sane.

On Tuesday I washed (and rollerset!) my hair. I'm pleased to report that the breakage I experienced last week seems to have stopped. (Good ole' ORS Replenishing Conditioner! =D) My shedding also seems to have reduced over the past couple weeks. I find it a bit ironic since many ladies experience more shedding the deeper they are in a relaxer stretch. Here are some pictures of the hair I would lose on wash days:
Wash day: shed and broken hair at 4 weeks post.

Wash day: 7 weeks post

Wash day: 8 weeks post

Its possible that I'm at the end of a heavy shedding cycle. In the first photo, the ball of hair is much denser than the hair I've lost at 7 and 8 weeks post. Its such a relief not to see the heavy, dreaded hair ball every week!

I've been trying my best to keep my hair moisturized, especially my ends. Last night I made a high, giant pincurl and tied my hair down with a satin scarf. Just to make sure the moisture was locked in, I covered that with a satin bonnet. This morning I unwrapped and my hair was nice and moist!
That's all for now folks!

Happy hurrr-day!

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