Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Ramble ramble...

Its January!


Besides planning my resolutions and helping my mom at work, I've been enjoying the last two weeks of vacation before university resumes. I've done some baking (yum!), reading, and even some sewing .

On hair-related news, on my last wash day I chose to air-dry my hair, but for some reason it came out a bit drier than usual. Ick! I plan to wash it again either today or tomorrow, give it a nice loong deep conditioning session and then a rollerset.

Honestly, for the past week I haven't been showing my hair as much attention as usual. Maybe its because it's been a bit dry and dull. All I've been doing is wearing braid-out ponytails. I really need to try some creative styles to break the monotony.

How have you enjoyed the Christmas break?


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