Thursday, 10 January 2013

2013 Hair Goals

2013 is here and its time to set some goals for the next 12 months ahead.


Last year, my goals were to stretch my relaxers to no less than 8 weeks, and achieve Arm Pit Length by December. About 95% of the time I was able to stretch to 8 weeks, and I was grazing APL last month!

This year my overall goal is health: both for my body and hair.

My hair goals are:
  1. Thicker Hair
When my hair was first relaxed, about 4 years ago, I had super thick, healthy hair. Now, years and countless relaxer services later, my hair is much thinner (but still healthy, thank God).
Thankfully, thin hair can be combated with....

Castor Oil

Yes, I'm going to try using castor oil at least 1x per week to thicken up my new growth so that *hopefully* I'll have thicker, fuller hair by the end of the year. To track my thickness I can compare pictures of my ponytail this month, to that in September, then in December to see is there was any significant progress.

     2.   Longer Hair:

Megan of She is my inspiration!

Bra Strap length maybe? It seems a looong way from APL. I hope that I can at least reach Below Shoulder Blade by the end of the year. In the picture below, the second blue line is about BSB and the third white line is BSL. I'm already excited about comparing this starting length picture with the one in December 2013!

I can achieve this goal through:
  • Healthy Ends
Preventing split ends is a key to length retention. Strong, even ends are also more resistant to breakage and gives the hair a fuller, healthier appearance.

Protective styling is what jumps to mind when I think of preserving my ends. I've been very bored with buns so using youtube to find creative, easy protective styles is a must.

Dusting and trimming my hair when needed can also help. Now that I accomplished my first self trim I look forward to dusting my hair after every relaxer (or maybe every 6 weeks or so).

  • Reducing breakage

Over last month or so I've noticed a number of both long and short broken strands in the bathroom sink after combing my hair. I'm a person who can get easily stressed over any noticeable hair loss, so this issue is of great importance to me. I can focus  on:

Proper protein/moisture balance by moisturizing, using the baggy method and perhaps deep conditioning more frequently. 

Drinking more water to hydrate from the inside-out. 

Buying seamless combs to reduce the stress on my hair. I was introduced to these through Jeni of I plan to purchase some Hercules Sagemann combs from

Those are all of my hair goals for now! I may add to this list later but for now I'm focusing on the two main goals of thickness and length.

I can't forget that Jesus is my inner strength and helper. I often fall short of my personal goals, so I shouldn't be wary of calling on His spirit to give me the strength, determination and perseverance I need to accomplish both my personal and hair-related goals.

Here is the link to posts by Nadege of that are great for motivation and tips for accomplishing goals. If you're like me and need an extra push, these posts should be of great help.

Good luck with your 2013 hair goals!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
-Philippians 4:13

God bless.


  1. good luck to you.
    drinking more water ( at least 1,5 liter daily)is one of the goals i'm currently focusing on, too.
    the water intake is one of my biggest issues all along

    and yes, you should invest in hercules s├Ągemann seamless combs. they are very worth the hype. you will notice the different, asap.

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to get my seamless combs

  2. Hi there! You will probably be BSB by summer!

    I think the thing that has helped me retain thickness in my hair is a low manipulation regimen. I try to do anything that will prevent me from breaking my hair off!

    You are not too far away from BSB!! Good luck and I look forward to seeing your progress!


    1. Thanks! I really hope to make BSB this year. Happy hair journey :)

  3. I am in the midst of setting hair goals myself! My main concern is a growing thinning spot at my ends in the middle.... A recent relaxer have bluntly pointed out that I NEEED new protective styles cause buns aren't good for me anymore! Good luck to you girl :0)

    1. Thanks Bee! Yup, my old buns need to gooo lol. Cheers to us gaining thick, full ends this year :)

  4. OMG! When you get the seamless combs you're going to be so mad you didn't get them sooner!