Sunday, 20 January 2013

Protective Styling Inspiration


One of my hair resolutions for 2013 is to maintain thick healthy ends. One strategy to achieve this goal is through protective styling.

Keeping my ends up and away from my shoulders, clothes, or any surface that can rub against my hair and cause breakage is a must to keep my ends even and healthy. I also want to make sure that my ends do not get dried out by the air or sun.

In the past I wasn't too enthusiastic about protective styling because I thought it was...well, boring. Thankfully, Youtube has since changed my view!

Lilith moon is one of my top inspirations for cute, easy protective styles. Here are some of her looks that I hope to use in my regimen on a regular basis when I hit 6-7 weeks post relaxer:

Here are some other protective styling ideas:

I hope I'll be able to manipulate my hair easily enough to achieve these looks at 7-8 weeks post. 
I plan to use water, moisturizer and a lot of finger-combing to be as gentle as possible on my hair, since I'll be dealing with the thick, coarse texture of my new growth, and the more fragile, straight texture of my relaxed hair.

Do you know any more cute protective styles? Don't hesitate to share them! =)


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  1. I love that moon-type braid in the first video! I tried to do this with my hair before and I think it didn't turn out how I wanted so I didn't try it again. Great PS ideas!