Sunday, 27 May 2012

First attempt of the Saran wrap/silk method

Today was wash day! My mother was so kind as to wash, condition and rollerset my hair for me so I really didn't have much work to do this time =)

After taking out the rollers I decided to put that new box of plastic wrap to use, and here's what ensued:

I looked craazyy I know.
Next, I used a blowdryer over the plastic wrap for five minutes.

Above are the results! Overall I'm quite happy with it as it's my first try. Next time I'm going to try wrapping my hair tighter, especially in the middle which still had some waves from the rollerset. My hair isn't as shiny as I wanted and I know it's because my momma skimped on the shine gloss and oil! *shakes fist*
My hair did come out waaay smoother and silker than just rollersetting under my Gold and Hot dryer, and for that I'm beaming like a cheshire cat =D

There's a first for everything!


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  1. Your hair looks shiny to me!! I revisited the saran wrap method couple of washes ago..... I was like "eh." lol Good job tho!