Saturday, 19 May 2012

Organic Root Stimulator HAIRepair products

I was attracted to the ORS HAIRepair line because recently my favourite youtuber ulovemegz used this line and received some free products from Namaste. She orginally posted about the Nourishing Conditioner (see below) which she loooooooves.

Unfortunately, my beauty supply store didn't have this, but I did get the Intense Moisture Creme and the Vital Oils for Hair & Scalp:

I'm super excited to use these! The first thing I noticed is that they smell amazing, lol. Recently my hair has been very bleeh: kind of heavy, dense and a bit sticky...not the usual soft and silky feeling =( Honestly, I realized whenever I pincurl my hair or wear braidouts too long my hair gets like this. I also think that using the Neutragena Triple Moisture Silk Leave-In Cream too often makes my hair sticky.
For my next wash, I'm going to try the saran wrap/silk method to straighten out my hair, then Ima use my HAIRepair products!

See the video below for ulovemegz's review of the Nourishing Conditioner:

Have you ever used the HAIRepair products? What are your thoughts??


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