Saturday, 16 February 2013

HatterSnap: New growth @ 8 weeks post relaxer

Although I lump myself into the "4c" natural hair category, I do have several slightly different textures of new growth. In my crown area especially, I have tighter coils alongside looser waves. My nape and hairline have the loosest textures that I call "fluff"- there is no distinguishable curl pattern, just waves, zig-zages or c shaped bends.

8 weeks post relaxer new growth!


New growth: loose waves that I call "fluff"

My roots have been so tame lately that I'm surprised that I'm this far into a stretch. Since I've been keeping them moisturized and conditioned my hair has been less "poofy" and my roots blend better than normal with my relaxed hair.

I plan to relax my hair next Saturday at *gasp* 9 weeks post relaxer!

Have a great day!


  1. I have all of those textures as well all over my head! I just say I have tight coils.... Lucky us lol

  2. When is the last time you were natural? Just curious, obviously I'm not a natural nazi since I'm also relaxed! lol

    1. lol! I've had relaxed hair for about 5 years now. This is the second time I've been relaxed. The first time my hair was damaged so I transitioned to natural and when my afro grew back I decided to get it relaxed again!