Saturday, 16 February 2013

Shut yo mouth! Hair that made my jaw drop.

Long, healthy relaxed hair!

I was browsing tonight when a photo of Sunshyne's hair caught my eye.

Now, I've seen this photo many times before, but as I was reflecting on the current state of my ends, this photo seemed to smack me in the face with its perfection!

The fullness of Sunshyne's hair is amazing. Look at her ends! No thin "hemline", no straggling hairs, no see-through ends...and the shine, the body of that hair! 

Lord knows her hair journey could not have always been easy or enjoyable, but it's inspiring to see the results of Sunshyne's hair work and perseverance.

Sunshyne's thick, healthy, long, relaxed hair is an example of how I want my hair to become as I progress in my hair journey. Her hair gives me the motivation to push through the long washed days and patiently endure the breakage, shedding and setbacks with my end results in mind. 

Who's head of hair makes you say "wow!"?



  1. Lmao at the blog title! But yes her hair is gorgeous! Truly an inspiration

  2. My alltime favorite hair-inspirations are traycee from KISS, Sunshyne from Hairlista and Jeni from JGA.
    They all have such a beautiful head of long & thick hair.

  3. Definitely Hair-spiration!

  4. Her hair is my final goal - length, thickness, everything! Like you said the hemline is definitely one to be coveted!