Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Relaxer Preparations

On Saturday 3rd November I had my hair relaxed at 9 weeks, 3 days post. Did you really read that?! Yesss Hatter finally made it to nine weeks post. *happy dance*

My relaxer update will follow in another post, so for now I'll just recap how I prepared my hair for my relaxer.

This stretch was in many ways better than my previous relaxer stretches. Unfortunately, there were still some annoying issues that really tried my patience! (I'll be examining these later this week).

On my last wash before the relaxer I:

1. prepooed overnight with a mix of Soft Sheen Carson Optimum Care Fortifying Conditioner and Vo5 Moisture Milks Moisturizing Conditioner.
(Ebony C. Princess reviewed the Fortifying Conditioner on her blog, longing4length.com) 
After rinsing out the prepoo my hair felt very soft and silky. After I've used the Optimum Care Conditioner for a couple of weeks I'll also post my thoughts on it.

2. shampooed, then deep conditioned for about an hour with ORS Replenishing Condidtioner.

3. rollerset my hair. (this was not an easy set! My hair was still clumpy and sticky from the results of my previous wash day)

4. During the week I moisturized and sealed.

5. On relaxer day I applied some of the Optimum Care Fortifying Conditioner to my previously relaxed hair. As this conditioner is protein-based (claiming "instant breakage reduction"!!) I thought it was a good idea to use it to help prevent the damaging effects of relaxer overlapping.
I was also supposed to coat my hair with oil after applying the conditioner, but I just didn't feel like bothering my hair too much.

As I mentioned earlier, this last stretch was quite an experience for me...although I've been trying to reduce my stretching issues such as tangling, matting and breakage, I haven't seem to have targeted the root of my problems. Besides changing my products and perhaps my weekly wash day routine, I've even been thinking of reducing the length of my stretches so that I can manage my hair more easily in the weeks leading up to relaxer day.

Anywhoos, what is your experience like deep into your relaxer stretches?

Stay tuned for my relaxer update! :)

Peace & lurrvvv y'all

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  1. Am currently 6 weeks post and everything seems to be going pretty smoothly. I co-washed more often during the week and do a bagyy/green house effect at least once a week. I have 6 weeks to go.