Friday, 9 November 2012

Playing Hairdresser

University girls are on a budget, and that budget doesn't always include the weekly or bi-monthly trip to the hairdresser for a wash and set.

My sister has been learning to deal with this fact by washing and conditioning her hair herself, and then having me rollerset her hair.

That means this Hatter has been the default hairdresser for both me and my sister! lol

Here are some pictures of the rollerset that, yes, I did on my sister's hair!

Front view of the rollerset

Side view of the rollerset

It didn't come out too bad, if I may say so myself!

Maybe I can harness my hairdressing skills and start a business on my hall! 
haha a Hatter can dream =) ...but seriously, who knows?

Goodnight folks.

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  1. You may never know what you can make out of this small