Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Hair craze

For some weeks now I've wanted to create a blog documenting my hair journey, and now I've finally gotten the opportunity to do so. I realize (translation- I'm quite overwhelmed) that there are already quite a few women who are documenting their hair journeys via the blogsphere. However, I hope that my little blog will make a dot on the map, and, besides inspiring me to stick to my hair goals, will inspire someone else out there who's desperatlely striving to achieve healthy relaxed hair.

I actually started my hair journey in December 2011, after stumbling (ok, tripping) across a ginormous amount of information from blogs I've read online. I mean really, who can't get addicted to reading this stuff? Anyway, back in December 2011 I was quite frustrated with my hair because of the heavy shedding I was experiencing. I felt like I was losing handfulls of hair every wash day and about half that every day. To make matters worse? Last Thursday my collarbone-length tresses were chopped off to shoulder length because of the accursed "split ends". And I never thought it would be this hard to grow long, healthy relaxed hair. So where to find a solution to the hair drama? The web, of course! =)
The Science of Black Hair was my first hair-epiphany.

I ordered it from amazon.com and seriously, I felt like I could tackle any problem I came accross with my hair after reading this book! In reality? No...not yet anyway. But I'm on the road!

I highly recommend it to ANYONE who wants to learn how to take better care of their hair- whether relaxed or natural. After reading, I was shocked at the hair trauma I was (inadvertently) inflicting on my delicate tresses. So now, armed with information on how to supply adequate moisture and protein to my hair, what to look for in the ingredient lists of shampoos, conditioners etc, and why that comb might not be the best to be ripping through my hair, I am ready for this hair journey baby! Oh, and before I do the churn-the-butter-dance, I must express how grateful I am to the author of the book, Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, for realizing that black women do need a guide to providing the care that our hair needs, and not the stereotypical ideas and black hair care myths that have left many of us with broken, short, pathetic, unhealthy strands.

Love ~

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