Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Wash and Go on type 4 hair

This Wednesday I did my wash day a little differently..

...I tried the Wash n Go.

There are sooo many videos and blog posts devoted solely to this hairstyle.
It's been called the "white girl" hairstyle since its modeled after the technique of Caucasian women simply washing their hair and letting it dry with minimal styling and manipulation.

While some women with type 4c hair gush about their successful wash and gos, other women with similar hair type declare the impossibility of achieving it!

Given the split in opinion that, in my opinion, nears controversy over the wash n go on afro hair, I was skeptical about achieving the style myself. However, on a whim I decided to try it.

It might be hard to tell in the photo, but my crown has quite a few coils and curls!

This was actually the second time trying this hairstyle. Here's what I did:

  • I shampooed and deep conditioned my hair in twisted sections, then I released all my twists while my hair was still soaking wet in the shower
  • Then I gently blotted my hair with a towel and gave my hair a shake a couple times.
  • After, I applied some olive oil to my palms then gently passed my hands over the ends of my hair, and rubbed the oil into my edges. I did this about three times, then did the same process with some shea butter.

Wet hair fresh from the shower.

  • Lastly, I used a blow-dryer with a diffuser attachment for about 15 minutes. My hair was about 70% dry in the picture below.

Styled, semi-dry wash n go. 

After blow-drying I love how my hair looked, even though I lost some definition in the crown (where I have the waviest pattern) as my hair became more puffy as it dried.

At the end of the day, however, my hair had dried out quite a bit and felt stiff coarse. It was tedious to go back in section by section to thoroughly moisturize it before I cornrowned my hair.

The verdict?

This is the second time trying the wash and go, and both times I realized I achieved the style with minimal tangles because my ends had been freshly trimmed or I didn't have many split ends that usually cause major tangles. (If you read my blog regularly, you know I battle with tangles and single strand knots!)

My first wash and go was done a few weeks ago, but I had later re-styled my hair much sooner, and my hair didn't feel as dry. So, I know need to re-adjust how I moisturize and seal my wet hair to prevent it from drying out so much at the end of the day.

Technique, plus the state of my ends, seem to be very important in achieving this hairstyle, and I will definitely continue to experiment with the wash n go.

What do you think about the wash n' go?