Sunday, 13 October 2013

8 months post relaxer: the Daily Bantu

Eight months later and my natural hair is growing out strong and healthy!

Comparing my new growth to my relaxed ends makes me want to hurry up and do the big chop soon, but I know that I would feel more comfortable cutting off my relaxed ends when my natural hair grows out longer. Soo, I'm gritting my teeth and bearing the struggle gracefully. =)

Do you remember when I had my last set of braids installed? I estimated that I would have kept them in until the end of October. Well, a girl can dream!! It took about four weeks before I got fed up with them and took them out. Since then I've been learning how to create my transitioning fro look on my own, since I'm back in university and my mom is farrr across the sea.


I re-bantu my hair every other night, but I'm trying to preserve my curly style for a third day by pinning up the back or french-rolling it, and keeping the front loose.

Let me tell you, this style might be cute and funky but it is hella-time consuming!
It takes me 2 hours to re-set my hair, and at least thirty minutes in the morning to release my knots and style. But maybe I'm just personally really slow at this.

I'm looking forward to having braids put in again just so that I can have a much needed break from the constant styling. Until then, I'm looking for some simpler styles for my short transitioning hair.
Have any suggestions?



  1. Super super cute transitioning fro! I actually love the lighter ends! It totally gives your hair dimension. Have you considered braid outs, flexirods, or curl formers? Also, I only do 10 bantu knots and still get a super curly look. Perhaps, its worth a try to cut down on the number of knots.

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. Hey thanks for the tips! Yes, I'm trying to do less bantu-knots and that seems to give me a looser curl. Will continue experimenting =)