Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Vintage & Pin-Up Girl Look

Last night I was randomly searching youtube when I came across some fantastic videos by user thecherrydollface. She did a hair tutorial of a 1950's look: curly and verrry cute. Look at her hair! Gosh I am in love with that red/pink colour =)
I just love the big, soft curls she made. Pincurling them while they cool is supposed to help the curls "set", I think. This look was created using a curling iron, but when I try it I think I'll use rollers. I don't think flexi-rods might give me the kind of curl I need...but who knows?

Also! Who wouldn't fall in love with this pin-up girl look?! x.x

I need to buy a bandana...stat!
Arggg. I can't wait to try these looks!


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