Thursday, 12 April 2012

A different hairdresser and vitamins

Today I visited my sister's hairdresser in the hope of having a more pleasant experience than I ususally have at my stylist. In part, I did. The lady sounded like she studied the Science of Black Hair. *applause please* Unlike my hairdresser back home, she talked to me about moisture/protein levels, detangling properly, gentle care and the dryness and fragile nature of black hair. In short, she sounded knowledgeable and professional... quite unlike my stylist!

Unfortunately, I emerged quite disturbed at her opinion that my hair seems to be doing poorly. I have noticed over the past month or so that my hair is breaking more than usual, but that was about it. However, after emerging from the deep conditioner, my hair was hard, tangly and rough. Let me tell you, I think she just used the wrong products, but what did she blame? Swollen cuticles from bum bum bummmmm... airdrying.
Yesss I have been airdrying my hair everytime I wash. Isn't that good? According to the hairdresser its not good for my hair seeing as it's so dry. =(
I wasn't sure what to believe, but I did agree with her that I need to learn how to rollerset my hair after washing. Ughh

On the other hand! Today I also bought vitamins to help support my hair's health.

One A Day Teen Advantage complete multivitamin for Her
This one is packed full of the good stuff: Vitamin Bs, Iron, Biotin (yaaay!) plus calcium and other goodies for overal health.
I'll be honest with you, I've known vitamins are good for hair journeys but I finally bought them because of how beautiful my sister's hair has been since she's been on them! She uses Centrum vitamins for women though. Seeing as she's a....young adult -.-
Boom! Come at me vitamins! Pleease help to strengthen my hair and promote growth!

Happy hair day!

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